Programs / Scripts

Some potentially useful programs / scripts that I've written:

Controlling Live2D avatars in Linux


See the linked blog post above for more details including video demos.
Main project: Controlling Live2D avatars using webcam facial tracking. Source code available (GitHub mirror).
Spin-off project: Controlling Live2D avatars with mouse and microphone. Source code available (GitHub mirror).

UCAS Personal Statement Line & Character Counter (GitHub mirror)

JavaScript (HTML)

An online tool that counts lines and characters for UCAS personal statements

Nyaa Comments RSS Generator

Python 3

A server-side script which parses torrent pages to create an RSS feed of its comments. Source code available (GitHub mirror).

JSChessClock (GitHub mirror)

JavaScript (HTML)

A chess clock that runs on your web browser. Source code available (GitHub mirror).

indicator-keyboard-led (GitHub mirror) (Launchpad PPA)

Python 3

An application indicator for Unity that simulates keyboard lock keys LEDs (Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock)

indicator-lunar-calendar (GitHub mirror)

Python 3

An application indicator for Unity that displays the current date and time in lunar calendar. JavaScript (Node.js) version existed but was rewritten in Python.

Pygments lexer for C code with GTK+ types

Python (Pygments)

Allows Pygments to recognize GTK+ types for highlighting

xkcd keyboard nav

JavaScript (Userscript for

A userscript which allows you to navigate xkcd comics using your keyboard only

Hide Ads on Facebook

JavaScript (Userscript for

A userscript which hides ads

zh Content Farms List

uBlock Origin

Static filter for uBlock Origin which blocks content farms and other fake news sites with contents mainly in the zh locale

Some scripts written for fun:

Divergence Meter

JavaScript (HTML)

A randomly fluctuating divergence meter / clock based on Steins;Gate.



A parody of the "Fidget Spinner apps" that were a thing back in 2017. See this blog post for context.

Video Poker

JavaScript (HTML)

Very simple browser game.