descriptionExtracts facial landmarks from webcam and converts to Live2D Cubism SDK parameters
ownerAdrian Iain Lam
last changeSun, 2 Jan 2022 01:43:46 +0000 (01:43 +0000)
2022-01-02 Adrian Iain LamUpgrade to Cubism 4 Release R4. No incompatible API... master
2021-06-12 Adrian Iain LamUpgrade to Cubism 4 Release R3. No incompatible API...
2021-05-29 Adrian Iain LamRemove my OSF fork from README (merged upstream)
2021-05-29 Adrian Iain LamAdd missing default values for OSF IP address and port
2021-05-29 Adrian Iain LamUpdate README to mention OSF and remove dlib.
2021-05-29 Adrian Iain LamRemove dlib dataset from cmake file
2021-05-29 Adrian Iain LamUse OpenSeeFace to control Live2D model
2021-05-16 Adrian Iain LamRemove references to dlib and OpenCV. Added TODOs to...
2021-05-16 Adrian Iain LamRemove dlib submodule
2021-04-28 Adrian Iain LamAdd dependencies reported in #2 to README
2021-04-28 Adrian Iain LamUpdate to Cubism SDK 4-r.2. Incompatible scaling changes.
2021-01-02 Adrian Iain LamAdd support for models that use Cubism 2.1 style parame...
2020-10-02 Adrian Iain LamAdd link to Mouse Tracker for Cubism
2020-09-27 Adrian Iain LamAdding options to enable auto blink, auto breath and...
2020-07-17 Adrian Iain LamUpdate video link
2020-07-12 Adrian Iain LamIgnore build files and files under non-permissive licenses
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