descriptionUses mouse cursor location and microphone input to produce Live2D Cubism SDK parameters
ownerAdrian Iain Lam
last changeSat, 2 Jan 2021 11:47:44 +0000 (11:47 +0000)
2021-01-02 Adrian Iain LamAdd support for models that use Cubism 2.1 style parame... master
2021-01-01 Adrian Iain LamAdd GUI control panel (first draft)
2020-10-19 Adrian Iain LamChange randomIdleMotion default to true
2020-10-19 Adrian Iain LamUse editline instead of GNU Readline
2020-10-18 Adrian Iain LamAdd libreadline-dev dependency to README
2020-10-18 Adrian Iain LamAdd command-line interface to control model
2020-10-02 Adrian Iain LamAdd link to video demo
2020-10-02 Adrian Iain LamMouse tracking with lip sync - initial commit
2020-09-27 Adrian Iain LamAdding options to enable auto blink, auto breath and...
2020-07-17 Adrian Iain LamUpdate video link
2020-07-12 Adrian Iain LamIgnore build files and files under non-permissive licenses
2020-07-12 Adrian Iain LamInitial commit - it should now be more or less working
2020-07-12 Adrian Iain LamAdd dlib submodule
2 months ago master